The social media app for positivity.

We're thrilled to announce that JoyStream is coming your way, and we couldn't be more excited about it! Our team is pouring their hearts into building this platform, and we are confident that it will bring a smile to your face. With loads of heartwarming content, JoyStream will be the perfect place to turn to when you need a little boost of positivity.

Immerse yourself in positivity.

JoyStream is just like your typical social media, minus the negativity. Discover a haven where heartwarming stories and uplifting content thrive. Join a community that believes in spreading joy through laughter and shared moments. Your daily source of inspiration awaits – let’s make the internet a brighter place together!

Escape from anxiety.

Our positive platform offers comedy, inspiration, and feel-good stories to decrease stress and promote well-being. Join the JoyStream community today to relax and unwind in a safe space away from negative news.

Other Benefits of JoyStream:

Free and easy to use.

JoyStream is a free social media app on iOS and Android that promotes sharing and spreading positivity through inspirational stories and uplifting experiences. Its user-friendly interface allows for easy use without any upfront costs. Join the community of people sharing kindness and positivity to make our world a better place!

Fully customizable.

JoySteam is a social media site where you can make your profile, feed, colors, and look as unique as you. Pick what makes you happy and follow the people you like. You’ll feel in control and positive while using the platform. It’s all about being creative and comfortable. No more boring profiles!

Privacy respecting.

JoyStream respects your privacy and will never sell your data. We only collect strictly necessary data in order to provide the best private social media experience. Instead of delivering personalized ads by snooping through your browsing history, we ask you a few questions upon signup about what ads you would like to see. Visit our privacy policy for more information.

Everyone's opinion matters.

JoyStream is an open platform that values diversity and encourages the exploration of different perspectives. The best part? You’re free to express your own opinions and feelings as long as you do so in a constructive and positive way. We really believe in creating a space where everyone feels welcome and comfortable sharing their authentic selves. JoyStream is more than just an app, it’s a community. Join us and let’s spread some joy together!

Connect with us:

Follow us on social media for daily positive content and behind-the-scenes updates on our mission to spread joy and positivity. By following us, you can become a part of our community and get connected with our work. It’s a fantastic way to stay informed, engaged, and share joy with others!